Fine Jewelry

Get top quality diamonds, gold and other jewelry at great prices. Come on in and we will educate you on what to look for in quality diamonds and other stones.

Custom Made Jewelry

T. R. Jewelers has been making custom jewelry for a long time. We take a lot of pride in creating custom designs that bring years of joy for our customers. The more modern and intricate pieces are made on a cnc machine or hand cut out of wax and then cast into gold or other chosen metals. If you have a picture we can make it; or we can sit down with you and design a one of a kind, unique piece of quality jewelry. If you have old broken jewelry sitting around we can repair your jewelry or use that to create something entirely new. All jewelry is designed and hand crafted on premises with the finest materials.

What to Look For When Buying Diamonds

Before buying a diamond its best to learn what you’re looking at. Diamonds are measured by weight so not all carat diamonds look the same. You’re probably more likely to find that a one ct. diamond may only measure 5.8 mm across when in fact it should measure 6.5 mm. The smaller diameter diamond will have a thicker girdle and appear to be smaller; also it will probably not have the fire that the more well cut diamonds will have. The same goes if the spread is too wide. The diamond will appear larger but won’t have the fire and the life it could have it was properly cut.

There are several factors that make each diamond look different including:

Cut – The cut of a diamond is of great importance. Optimal table and depth proportions deliver superior fire and brilliance.

Clarity – The clarity of a diamond refers to how clear a diamond is internally. Most diamonds are not perfect and include some flaws. Diamonds with fewer flaws generally sell at a higher price.

Carat/Weight – Diamonds are measured by carat weight, not size. Two diamonds could have the same carat weight but could have different sizes being that it is three dimensional.

Color – Color refers to the amount that the diamonds body color deviates from being clear.

There are different grading companies such as G.I.A, E.G.L., I.G.I and several more which don’t grade equal. We have seen diamonds that had a grading of SI-1 clarity H color come back from G.I.A with a grading of I-1 clarity and J color, so it’s important to spend some time and know what you’re buying.

We see advertisements where the total weight of all the diamonds in the ring or piece of jewelry is advertised, but not marked t.w. For example 1.60 VS-2 clarity G color or (1.60 t.w. VS-2 G color) but the ring has several small diamonds which total 1.60, not just one diamond. This can be confusing for consumers. Several small diamonds that add up to 1.60 ct. are worth just a fraction of what the single diamond would be worth.